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The collection "Moonlight Magic" is magic indeed.
Also the Humpback Whale with Calf and the new Killer Whale are even more beautiful.
Swim through our categorie SeaLife to have the same experience.


Dolphin dancing on a wave
€ 38,50 € 55,00
Country Artists Moonlight Magic - Dolphin-dancing-on-a-wave - H=17.0cm

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Dolphin Pups Under Water
€ 31,50 € 45,00
Dolphin Pups Under Water H=9.0cm

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Family Adventure
€ 206,50 € 295,00
Country Artists Natural World - Family Adventure (H=21cm - L=26.5cm)

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Family Dolphin Swimming
€ 55,65 € 79,50
Country Artists Moonlight Magic - Family Dolphin Swimming  - H=15.0cm

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Freedom of the seas
€ 210,00 € 300,00
Freedom of the seas - Height: 16cm

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KoKo Collectables
Bakkerstraat 5

3511 JV  Utrecht

T: 0031 - (0)30 - 234 05 45 

About KoKo

In 1985 KoKo started selling animal figurines from Country Artists and Border Fine Arts. Each figurine, large or small is a true-to-life model and is hand made and hand painted. This site is created to show you our collection of Country Artists and Border Fine Arts. A lot of the editions are limited available. 

Happy Collecting, 

Jaap, Deirdre and Jeannet 

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