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Border Fine Arts

With many pieces still handmade in Langholm, Scotland, the name Border Fine Arts is synonymous with the concepts of artistry and craftsmanship. From concept to drawing, from sculpting to moulding, and from painting to finishing, many of these Border Fine Arts figurines are hand-crafted entirely by skilled Scottish artists.

There are Border Fine Arts feathered friends of all varieties to be found and man's best friend; or if you prefer Border Fine Arts cats, they're here too; and lets not forget the superb Border Fine Arts farm animals; sheep, cat.

The accuracy achieved by the artists at Border Fine Arts is due to the fact that they consult breeders and experts during the creation of every new piece. Catering for all tastes and budgets, Border Fine Arts produce a wide range of subjects from humorous and nostalgic scenes to highly-detailed tractor studies, there is something in Border Fine Arts for everyone.


A wild goose chase
A wild goose chase 11,4 cm
€ 295,00
Aberdeen Angus Bull
Height 14cm. Classic Studio Collections 2003
€ 145,00
Aberdeen Angus Cow & Calf - limited editon of 1250
The aberdeen angus is Scotland's most famous breed of cattle, but suprisingly one of the most recently established. Limited edition of 1250 Height 11,5 cm
€ 475,00
At the Fête
Height: 10.5 cm
€ 139,00
Baby Elephants
Border Fine Arts 1996 - Baby Elephants - Height 11,4 cm. WWF Nursery Groups "No sight in the world of nature is more beguiling than that of young animals at play"
€ 175,00
Belgian Blue Bull Le 321/500
Height: 22 cm Length: 29 cm
€ 575,00
Black bear and cubs
Border Fine Arts 1996 - Black bear and cubs - Height 5,7 cm. WWF Miniature Collection "No sight in the world of nature is more beguiling than that of young animals at play"
€ 35,00
Blackfaced Ewe
Height: 6.0 cm
€ 27,50
Blackfaced Ram
Height: 6.0 cm
€ 27,50
Blonde D'Aquitaine Cow & Calf - limited editon of 1250
this fine breed was introduced to britain from France in the 1970s. It is now becoming well established in the beef herd as a fast growing, lean meat producer, with Spring and autumn sales every year
€ 475,00
Border Leicester Tup - Limited Edition
The oldest border Leicester flock in this country was established in 1849 and from that initial flock, which numbered 400 as its peak, the Leicester quickly established its distinct identity.
€ 250,00
Breaking Cover Le 225/750
Height: 20 cm Length: 33,5 cm
€ 550,00
Brown Bear & Cub
Height 12,7 cm. Brown Bear & Cub.
€ 130,00
Brown Foal & Riding Boots
Height 7 cm. Classic Studio Collections 2003. Border fine arts.
€ 49,00
Charolais Bull
Height: 15 cm
€ 150,00
Height: 10.0 cm
€ 45,00
Collie Pups For Sale
Border Fine Arts 1996 - Collie Pups For Sale - Height 8,9 cm. "It was as if the pups didn't want to leave Bert's place. No sooner had the 'For Sale' sign gone up than they mischievously chewed it up.
€ 139,00
Corgi Standing
Height 9 cm, Dogs & Pups Galore, Border fine arts
€ 55,00
Deliver Warm
Deliver War 22,9 cm
€ 795,00
Doberman Standing
Height 14,5 cm. Classic Studio Collections 2003. Border fine arts.
€ 65,00
Dophin & Baby
Height: 12,5 cm
€ 120,00
Duke and Duches - Limited Edition of 2500
Duke and Duches - Border Fine Arts - Height 16,5 cm. Limited Edition of 2500. By David Walton. The "Fox Tales" Collection
€ 295,00
€ 30,00
Galloway Cow (Belted)
Height: 8.0 cm
€ 30,00
German Shepherd
Height: 19cm
€ 129,00
€ 65,00
Good for the goose
Height: 10,5 cm. What was good for the goose was definitely good for these two. One took up a defensive guard as the other got stuck in to the feed.
€ 80,00
Great Dane (Bitch)
Height: 17,8 cm
€ 59,00
This muscular young walking dog displays the typicall greyhound. Heighth: 17 cm ​
€ 295,00
Herd Bull - Limited Edition
All herds of elephant have a dominant bull who acts as a leiding figure and a guiding light. Height 20,3 cm ​Limited Edition: 1250
€ 249,00
Hereford Bull
Height: 13.5 cm
€ 150,00
Highland Bull
Height: 14 cm Border Fine Arts Studio
€ 145,00
Highland Cow
Height: 8.0 cm
€ 30,00
Hippo & Baby
Height: 8,5 cm
€ 110,00
Hook - Border fine Arts
Hook. Height 16,5 cm. Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.
€ 65,00
Hot Work
Height 15,2 cm. Clipping takes hours of practice on the animal and cannot be learned from books. A good shearer will handle the sheep quietly and take the fleece off in one piece, with the minimum of
€ 245,00
Irish Wolfhound Sitting
Height: 16 cm
€ 65,00
Jack Russel Family Group
Height: 7.0 cm
€ 69,00
Jack Russel Terrier (Bitch)
Height 14cm. Jack Russel Terrier (Bitch) - The World of Dogs.
€ 145,00
€ 39,00
€ 20,00
Jemima Puddle-duck
Height: 7,5 cm
€ 20,00
Jess was a faithful dog who would always sit quietly at her master's feet, at the end of a hard day's work. Height: 9,5 cm
€ 59,00
Just about friends
Border Fine Arts 1996 - Just about friends - Height 8,3 cm. "Alfred just wanted to be friendly but Bouncer was not so sure."
€ 59,00
King bird of Paradise - Limited edition of 950
The iridescent red ad white plumage of this magnificent cock bird makes for a spectacular three top display in its native New Guinea rainforest Habitat. limited editon of 950 Height: 32 cm
€ 490,00
Height 14cm - also available in black DG32A
€ 59,00
Ladies in Waiting
Height 12,5 cm. Classic Studio Collections 2003. Border fine arts.
€ 85,00
Let sleeping dogs lie
The cats, black and white, tortoise shell and tabby, appeared, stretching, from the straw and advanced in a watchful ring. their turn would come. Height: 11,5 cm
€ 245,00
Limousin Bull
Height: 13 cm
€ 159,00
Little Egret - Limited Edition 53 / 500
Height 38,5 cm. Two long head plumes and yellow toes are the disinctive features of this elegant white "heron" form Southern Europe.
€ 950,00
Lurcher lying grey
Height: 10cm Border Fine arts - studio
€ 69,00
Making friends
Height 13 cm. Classic Studio Collections 2003. Border fine arts.
€ 69,00
Mousing - Limited Edition of 2950
Mousing - Border Fine Arts - Height 10,8 cm. Limited Edition of 2950. By David Walton. The "Fox Tales" Collection
€ 295,00
Mr. Jeremy Fisher TM
Height: 4,5 cm
€ 20,00
€ 20,00
No Foot, No 'Os
Border Fine Arts 1996 - No Foot, No 'Os - Height 14,6 cm. "Before fitting the hot shoe, the farrier shapes the sole with rasps and knives, which is quite painless for the 'Os.
€ 345,00
Not long to go
Border Fine Arts 1996 - Not Long to go - Height 7 cm. It was as if the collie was willing his master to hurry up and head home for a well earned supper.
€ 49,00
On The Hill Le 379/750
Height: 17 cm Length: 18 cm
€ 375,00
€ 20,00
€ 20,00
€ 20,00
Border Fine Arts 1996 - Poodle - Height 8,3 cm.
€ 45,00
Quarter Horse Mare & Foal
Height: 14,5 cm. This stunning collection superbly illustrates the supreme sculpting skills of our artists. Each breed is thoroughly researched to ensure accurate attention to detail creates figurine
€ 150,00
River Hideaway
Height 14,5 cm. Classic Studio Collections 2003. Border fine arts.
€ 145,00
Border Fine Arts 1996 - Schnauzer - Height 12,7 cm.
€ 59,00
Shetland Mare & Foal
Height: 11.5 cm
€ 95,00
Spilt Milk
Border Fine Arts 1996 - Spilt Milk - Height 14 cm. "Playfully knocking over some bottles, the pups were quick to capitalise upon their mother looks on, her expression a mixture of wry amusement and c
€ 295,00
Height: 14.0 cm
€ 45,00
Swaledale Ewe
Height: 6.0 cm
€ 27,50
Swaledale Ram
Height: 6.0 cm
€ 27,50
Tabby Silver Walking
Height 10,5 cm. Classic Studio Collections 2003. Border fine arts.
€ 39,00
Tête a Tête
Height: 16,5 cm electricity came to the Dales in the Forties, bringing with it vacuum milking machines. With so many farm hands away fighting in the war, the ministery sent us a couple of land girls
€ 395,00
Texel Ewe & Lambs - Limited Edition 660 / 1500
Texel Ewe & Lambs, Border Fine Arts, Height 17 cm
€ 475,00
The Great Escape - Border Fine Arts
The Great Escape 13,3 cm
€ 225,00
The Osprey - LE
limited edition Height: 40cm
€ 1.980,00
The Poacher
Height 15,5 cm. Classic Studio Collections 2003. Border fine arts.
€ 145,00
Thoroughbred (grey)
Height: 16cm
€ 85,00
Thoroughbred Mare & Foal
Height: 13,0 cm. This stunning collection superbly illustrates the supreme sculpting skills of our artists. Each breed is thoroughly researched to ensure accurate attention to detail creates figurine
€ 150,00
Three doberman Pups
Height 7,5 cm. Classic Studio Collections 2003. Border fine arts.
€ 39,00
€ 49,00
Three young calves
These gamboling calves are enjoying life, for there's nothing like the warm feeling of the sun on their backs to bring out the playfulness in young cattle. Height: 12,5 cm
€ 250,00
Tom Kitten
Height: 6,5 cm
€ 20,00
Two's a crowd
Height: 15.0 cm
€ 139,00
Height 15 cm, Country characters, boder fine arts
€ 149,00
Wait for me
Height 12,5 cm. The 20th Anniversary Society Figurine only available to members during 1994
€ 375,00
Height: 16,5 cm. Weimaraner. Of 19th century noble German origin, this graceful sporting dog was developed in the Court of Weimar to hunt big game.
€ 195,00
Wendy - Border fine Arts
Wendy. Height 14,6 cm. Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.
€ 65,00
West Highland Terrier
Border Fine Arts 1996 - West Highland Terrier - Height 15,9 cm. Dogs by Margaret Turner "Margarets's love of dogs brings an extraordinary realism and sense of character to her work. Each of of Margare
€ 160,00
Winter Ration - Border Fine Arts
Height 12 cm, This group of three-quarter Limousin cross steers are enjoying their extra fodder now the first November frosts have arrived, a wise Jackdaw knows just where to find a surplus of hay see
€ 395,00
Winter Rescue
It was hard going in the deep snow and in the drifts I sank to over the tops of my wellingtons. I kept at it, head down, to within a few hundred yards of the stone buildings. Height: 20,5 cm
€ 375,00
Yorkshire Terrier
Border Fine Arts 1996 - Yorkshire Terrier - Height 8,3 cm.
€ 35,00


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In 1985 KoKo started selling animal figurines from Country Artists, Border Fine Arts, Clarecraft and Mats Jonasson. Each figurine, large or small is a true-to-life model and is hand made and hand painted. This site is created to show you our collection. A lot of the editions are limited available. 

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