Mastiff Roman Centurion
Mastiff Roman Centurion
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Mastiff Roman Centurion LE076/300

Doggie People

Fine Figurines

In the beginning ...
As is well known by now, the history of the Doggie People can be traced back to one particular character.

I would therefore like you to see the very first sketch that gave form to my thoughts and feelings back in the 1980's. Lord Laurence as he was known gave way in later years to our waxed jacketed character and very definitely the patriachal ancestor to the 200 plus characters that came after.

The idea that was born on the cobbled stable yard of a 17th Century English Country house has travelled through trades, professions and sports, through time and even now into space. Our challenge now is to remain true to our standards and continue to follow our one guiding light, which remains the design and creation of original ideas, which become treasured possesions.