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Place a well-fitting ring on a piece of paper and place a line on the inside. Then measure the distance with an inch. The number of millimeters on the inside is the size, for example on the right plate this is size 17.

Another option is if you have a well-fitting ring measured on the ring pole at KoKo.

Note that a wide ring feels a bit tighter on the finger. This also applies to the Charmin * s rings. If you want to combine several rings with each other, please order up.

Size ring Total circumference of the ring
16 50
16,5 52
17 53
17,5 55
18 56
18,5 58
19 59
19,5 61
20 62
20,5 64
21 66

Measure the length of a bracelet
Take a measuring tape (home-garden and kitchen measuring tape). Put it around your wrist and add 25mm to the size of your wrist. Now you know the length of your bracelet.