scottie drum major
Scottie Drum Major
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Robert Harrop /

Scottie Drum Major

scottie drum major
Scottie Drum Major


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Scottie Drum Major

Doggie People

Bulldog Saint George - West Highland Terrier
Formerly bred to hunt Otter, Fox and vermin, the West Highland Terrier shares its ancestry with the Scottish, Cairn and Dandie Dinmont terriers. Originating from Poltallock in Argyle, it was selectively bred to produce the all white coat synonymous with the Westie.


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In 1985 KoKo started selling animal figurines from Country Artists, Border Fine Arts, Clarecraft and Mats Jonasson. Each figurine, large or small is a true-to-life model and is hand made and hand painted. This site is created to show you our collection. A lot of the editions are limited available. 

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